6 Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Cats and dogs are probably the most common pets in most homes today. Whereas some people prefer dogs to cats or any other pet, there are homeowners who are cat lovers. This means that they have a cat or several cats at their homes. Just like dog owners, there are some things that will be related to cats at times and only cat owners can understand them. Here are 6 things only cat owners will understand:


  1. You either remove houseplants or they are destroyed

A cat can be allergic to certain houseplants. Therefore, it is advisable to know the kind of houseplants you’ve in your home if you are planning to own a cat. On the other hand, your cat might destroy some of your houseplants by dropping them all over the house. You may have to find the right places to secure them (if they are potted) or do away with them altogether. You may also come to learn that your Christmas trees can never have ornaments because they are knocked down all the time regardless of where you place them.


  1. Laundry includes a lot of cat hair


You will have a lot of cat hair in your house depending on how regularly you clean or the species of cat you’ve. In fact, you may have to replace your bed sheets more often. Think of it like a great exercise for lower arm flab


  1. Scratching is a common thing


Since you will have furniture, your cat will probably scratch to sharpen its nails/mark its territory. It is behavioral and you cannot prevent your cat from scratching. However, you can provide scratching posts in your home and teach your cat on how to use them. Alternatively, you can learn how to trim the nails of your cat, how often you should do it, tools to do it and how to do it properly. It is inevitable to have scratches in your house if you have a cat.


  1. You may no longer need your alarm


A cat owner has a special relationship with his or her cat. You will have to provide your cat with beddings, food, clean water and company and this might mean even in the morning. Most cat owners will confess that their cats’ jumps on their head as they sleep, purr or try to disturb them in case they need anything. This is common if your cat has developed a conditioned reflex action to anything e.g. being served food/water at particular times, having a pat on their back etc.


  1. Cats sits/ sleeps on anything


A cat needs a bedding but he/she may not use it rather prefer spending time on your laps, bed, couch, carton or other strange places. You will have to understand your cat and train him/her how to use the bedding. Scolding or beating your cat will only make him fear you instead of bonding with you.


  1. Cats spends most of their time sleeping


Even though this does not mean dead asleep, you will most likely find your cat sleeping or peeping each and every time. Their time and place of sleeping is not defined although they can have specific places where they can sleep. You can find your cat sleeping in your kitchen sink, couch, bed, near the window among other places.


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